Crew - Various pictures of crew members in during their service time.

Family - Crew members in civilian life and with family and friends.

Places - The Runymede Memorial Cemetery photos were taken by Roger Smith. The Memorial commemorates by name over 20,000 airmen who were lost in the Second World War during operations from bases in the United Kingdom and North and Western Europe, and who have no known graves. My uncle’s name is on one of the plaques at Runnymede and can be seen in one of the pictures Roger took. You can read the article that Roger wrote about the Memorial here. It was through this article that I met Roger. Roger has asked me to restate his offer to pay tribute to the war dead at Runnymede, please feel free to take him up on this kind offer. The remaining photos, taken by Shaun Robinson, show the Helmswell base as it is today, where Squardron 170 was based at the end of the war.