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Roger Smith - RIP

Somewhere around 2005 my wife pointed out a small ad in a British magazine by a fellow, Roger Smith, who was offering to place remembrance notes at Runnymede memorial. Runnymede commemorates by name, over 20,000 men and women of the air forces, who were lost in the Second World War and who have no known graves.

I responded to Roger's ad and soon was getting yearly (or more) emails with photos of printed memorials placed each Remembrance Day, near the name of my Uncle, Wilfred Weber.

These emails continued for many years, until 2022 when his wife sent me an email to tell me that Roger had passed away.

I remember when Roger and I first communicated, he explained that he thought it very important to acknowledge the sacrifices made by non-Brits, defending his country. His death left me feeling like
a connection had been broken. But Roger's kindness will never be forgotten by me or my family. I hope someday to visit his resting place and lay a memorial "thank you".