John Plant - Found

Thanks to Philippa Drury, whose mother was a cousin of John Plant, I finally have some photos of him.

Donald Wager - Found

Very excited to have made contact with the family of Donald Wager after some extensive sleuthing on the internet. She has now sent me a photo of Donald and some biographical material about him which I have added to this site.

The Art of Simon Smith

British artist Simon Smith has kindly allowed me to use the image of one of his paintings for the banner to this site, You can see his wonderful art work here:

Photos from Austrailia

Thanks to Patricia Boss for sending me some photos of her uncle.

My Uncle's Medals

A big thank you to Irene Chapman for sending me my uncle's WW II medals. You can see them on this site's landing page.

Thanks to Roger Smith and Michael McInerney

A big thank you to Roger Smith for his tributes to my uncle and to Michael McInerney for his info about JJ McNally.

Painting of the Plane

Strange and wonderful things the internet can bring to our doors. Out of nowhere I’ve been contacted by Mark Drinkall, of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Mark is painting a painting a watercolour painting of ME320, my uncle’s plane. I look forward to seeing a picture of it.

Bertie Brydon

Another big thank you to Joyce Young of the Vernon Historical society who has helped me track down one of the sister of the Bertie Brydon in Armstrong, British Columbia.

John "Jack" McNally

Thanks to the Tilpa pub in Australia I’ve been able to track down descendants of John McNally. And big thank you to Michael McInerney for all his assistance with this.

Cecil Ebbs

Big thank you to Anna-Marie Saunders for sending a picture of her Uncle Cecil Ebbs and some words about him. And thanks to John O'Grady for connecting us on the internet!

The Air Forces Memorial

The spark to get going on the building of this site came from a British magazine called This England which I had bought for my wife. In the magazine she discovered a short article by a fellow named Roger Smith. In the article Roger kindly stated that he was willing to place a tributes for the war dead at the Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede. I had never known that such a memorial existed. I sent Roger an email, we corresponded, and a few days later he sent me a series of photos of the Memorial, including the plaque that held my uncle Wilfred’s name--the internet is an amazing thing! I encourage anyone interested in taking up Roger on his offer to send him an email or write him at, or 6 St Lukes Road , Old Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2QQ, England.

Searching for Families

I had the idea for this site sometime ago but it has taken me a while to get around to realizing it.  My uncle, Wilfred Weber, whose given name is my middle name,  died in a plane crash in the last month of World War ll.  It seemed fitting to me to have some kind of memorial web site for him and the men he flew with.   My aunt Irene Chapmen (nee Weber) provided me with some photos and stories of Wilf.  Roger Smith was kind enough to actually go to the Runnymede cemetery and photograph the grounds and the plaque with my uncle’s name on it.   Since I started the site several others have provided me with more information and photos -- thanks to you all!
I’m now trying to gather more information on the crew he flew with.  If you have any leads please let me know. Right now I’m trying to find the descendants of various crew members. Right now I’m focussed on Donald Wager. His family lived in Essex, England.