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John McNally - / Cecil Ebbs / --"Bertie" Brydon / Wilfred Weber

On March 5th, 1945, in the last few weeks of World War II,  the Lancaster bomber which carried my uncle Wilfred Earl Weber crashed over Chemnitz, Germany. All seven crew members lost their lives. My uncle was 23 at the time. Some crew members were as young as 19.
This site is dedicated to my uncle and the men who flew with him.


Help me find this family in England. (FOUND!)

Wager Family
Donald Wager was on my uncle’s plane. Photo of the Wager family, date unknown. Left to right: Donald, Father, Mother, Geoffrey Margaret, Peter, and Joyce. Family was from Harold Wood, Essex. I’d guess this photo was taken in the mid-1930s.


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Paul Weber

Ottawa, Canada